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HYBRID BCAA CAPS are an essential component in your muscle building arsenal. Branch Chain Amino Acids stimulate muscle protein synthesis, reduce protein breakdown and preserve muscle glycogen stores. HYBRID BCAA CAPS are micronized making them easier to absorb and allowing them to get the job done faster.

The branched chain amino acids in HYBRID BCAA CAPS provide immune system support that is crucial for fighting the stress that you put on your body during each intense workout. Decreasing this stress with HYBRID BCAA CAPS will help with muscle recovery and muscle development. One study performed by the Laboratory of Human Nutrition for Athletes suggested that taking BCAAs around exercise also decreased the immune system response which means HYBRID BCAA CAPS will help your immune system fight illness and build muscle.

Taking HYBRID BCAA CAPS will also make sure you don’t experience deficiencies in overall amino acid levels. This is key if your diet is restricted in any way. Vegetarians and vegans are regularly at risk. Athletes recovering from an injury or prepping for a contest are also heavily at risk of a BCAA deficiency. Research shows that patients maintain greater lean muscle tissue when they receive with amino acid supplements and this predicts that supplementing with BCAAs helps to speed the rate of recovery in the body.

HYBRID BCAA CAPS are ultimately ideal for any weight lifter who wants to speed their recovery weight after a tough session and improve their overall results.

200 Capsules