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HYBRID L-GLUTAMINE is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade and is manufactured by Ajinomoto® of Japan. HYBRID L-GLUTAMINE comes from a fermentation process of beets, which creates the purest form. The beets are fermented with probiotic cultures, which results in a 100% vegan fermented HYBRID L-GLUTAMINE. As a result, HYBRID L-GLUTAMINE is free from high amounts of heavy metals and is of the highest quality.

HYBRID L-GLUTAMINE provides a component in muscle metabolism and cellular support not shared by any other single amino acid, making the benefits of L-Glutamine supplementation an important component in your supplement protocol. HYBRID L-GLUTAMINE is essential for maintaining intestinal function and aiding in the immune response as well making it beneficial to both weight lifters and couch surfers alike. But if you do lift then you definitely want to supplement with HYBRID L-GLUTAMINE because it will help prevent illness and prevent catabolism of your precious muscle.

In a study at the American College of Sports Medicine, subjects endured an exhaustive training session. The athletes that were supplemented with glutamine experienced no drop-off in power while the placebo group still hadn’t recovered after a week. The glutamine group was also able to train longer at the end of the week in comparison to their first day. Additionally, in two separate studies, glutamine supplements showed an increased metabolic rate both at rest and during exercise, which could help to burn more fat. This indicates that taking HYBRID L-GLUTAMINE in between training sessions will help speed recovery, improve performance and possibly aid overall body composition.