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HYBRID EXTREME PRE-WORKOUT is an intense pre-workout formula that will give you the energy to train harder than you ever thought possible.. This cutting edge formula features a list of key ingredients that you need for incredible muscle pumps, and increased strength. It will have you lifting more weight and building muscle in record time!

The HYBRID EXTREME PRE-WORKOUT formula contains a broad spectrum of key electrolytes for optimal bodily function: Vitamins B6, B12, Vitamin C, Sodium, Potassium and Calcium. These vitamins and minerals are responsible for: producing energy, neurotransmitters, red & white blood cells, DNA, tissue growth & repair and for the function of nerves, cells, organs, muscle, and bone. That’s one important list!

HYBRID EXTREME PRE-WORKOUT doesn’t stop there. It contains Creatine and Beta Alanine which will improve your workout performance, strength and power during high-intensity activities. They will improve your muscular anaerobic endurance, enhance exercise capacity and increase your muscle mass.

The aminos in HYBRID EXTREME PRE-WORKOUT pack a serious one- two punch as you fight through any tough workout. Arginine, Taurine and Tyrosine improve energy and reduce the stress levels within your body. Citrulline Malate is also included to increase your rate of recovery by preventing lactic acid build up. This translates into improved focus, workout intensity, recuperation, better workouts, which will allow you to grow, some serious muscle!

An added benefit to the amino complex in HYBRID EXTREME PRE-WORKOUT is an increase thermogenesis and lipolysis. This translates into less body fat and better body composition. The final duo in HYBRID EXTREME PRE-WORKOUT’s arsenal, Caffeine and Citrus Aurantium, create even more energy and fat loss benefits. Caffeine has numerous scientific studies proving its efficacy, which is why it’s been a staple in most fat-burners for years. Citrus Aurantium is a new player in this field but already has multiple studies to show it’s an amazing thermogenic.

HYBRID EXTREME PRE-WORKOUT has what you need for energy, increased strength, maximized muscle gains and increased fat loss! Prepare for incredible new muscle growth and leanness because you fueled up with HYBRID EXTREME PRE-WORKOUT!

HYBRID EXTREME PRE-WORKOUT comes in three delicious flavors: Orange, Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry to drive your training and still taste great!


Fruit Punch

Blue Raspberry