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HYBRID WHEY ISOLATE was created with a single goal in mind, to deliver a pure protein that provides more potency in each and every scoop. People who train hard need a superior and more effective protein and HYBRID WHEY ISOLATE gets the job done. HYBRID WHEY ISOLATE is an ultra pure highly bioavailable whey protein isolate that packs a whopping 30 grams of protein per scoop! This premium whey protein isolate also combines a efficient delivery system with it’s Advanced Recovery Matrix & Enhanced Digestive Factors for improved absorption to ensure powerful nutrient absorption you can feel.

HYBRID WHEY ISOLATE filtration process delivers a protein that has a maximized Biological Value (BV) so it’s designed to be assimilated effectively and rapidly.

HYBRID WHEY ISOLATE is a rich source of branched chain of amino acids. These BCAA’s provide energy plus they help build and repair. Your body needs this for an enhanced anabolic environment so it can maximize its development. A scoop of HYBRID Whey in your post workout protein shake is just what your starving muscles need so you can get quality gains.

The Advanced Recovery Matrix is included to reduce the stress levels within your body and improve energy. These Matrix aminos give you the ability to work harder and create a higher anabolic effect. This translates into better workouts and greater muscle growth.

The Enhanced Digestive Factors are all about absorption and digestibility. HYBRID WHEY ISOLATE has been formulated for rapid assimilation, allowing the body to utilize its consumption at the fastest possible rate.

HYBRID WHEY ISOLATE is more rapidly absorbed than any concentrate and creates a more profound response, allowing for faster recovery and even greater gains. This makes HYBRID WHEY ISOLATE your premium post-workout protein choice!

HYBRID WHEY ISOLATE has blender-free mixability. It comes in both 2 lb and 5 lb jars and is available in five delicious flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies ‘n Cream, & Banana. Superior flavours that will that feed your hungry muscles fast.

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