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We thank you for your sponsorship inquiry and wish you all the best in obtaining your fitness goals. I'm sure you can appreciate that we are inundated with sponsorship requests and simply cannot sponsor everyone. Those chosen will be contacted.


HYBRID is actively involved in sponsoring talented athletes, from amateur to professional sporting disciplines. Here at HYBRID, we are looking for athletes that:

  • Have basic knowledge of supplements
  • Have knowledge of OUR supplements
  • Are outgoing and share our passion
  • Will actively promote HYBRID

We work hard to help talented athletes in their pursuit of success by offering sport supplements that deliver results.

We receive many inquiries regarding personal and team sponsorship; if you are interested in joining TEAM HYBRID, please take the time to submit an application.


Reap the benefits of being a HYBRID sponsored athlete!

  • Opportunities to attend industry expos
  • Access to premium quality supplements
  • Exclusive TEAM HYBRID pricing


We have taken the initiative to answer some of the most frequently asked questions; you can find them below.

What does it mean to be sponsored by HYBRID?

We want TEAM HYBRID athletes to represent HYBRID in the best way possible, so we encourage our athletes to use contests/competitions, videos, and social media to reap the full benefits of their sponsorship.

Can I be sponsored by other companies?

Here at HYBRID, our mission is to help you be a successful athlete. We encourage our athletes to accept sponsorships from other companies outside of the Vitamin/Supplement industry (ex. apparel and sporting equipment).

What is required in order to maintain my sponsorship?

Athletes on the HYBRID TEAM should be passionate about their sport. In addition to being passionate, they should actively participate in contests, competitions/shows and use a variety of other media to promote HYBRID products (ex. social media, videos, photos, etc).