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TRIBULUS is a flowering plant native to temperate and tropical areas around the world. TRIBULUS has been used for centuries in natural and Ayurvedic medicine.

TRIBULUS has several touted benefits that include: natural elevation of testosterone levels, improved male virility, positive effect on bone marrow, immune system booster and even anti-aging properties.

TRIBULUS is commonly being used in the weight lifting world to naturally increase testosterone levels. Recent studies have shown that TRIBULUS works within your body to help raise the level of Luteinizing Hormone (LH). LH is a hormone that is important to stimulate the production of testosterone.

In a study by Milasius athletes supplemented with TRIBULUS daily.At the conclusion of the 20 day period it was found that TRIBULUS significantly increased their muscular power, working capacity, and VO2 threshold. Not surprisingly, they found that the participant’s serum testosterone increased also.

HYBRID TRIBULUS is a natural supplement that you can use to help boost testosterone levels. As a result, HYBRID TRIBULUS is beneficial for any weight lifter looking to stimulate gains and max out their strength, muscle growth and lean muscle mass.

90 Capsules